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We offer a variety of assessments you can give to your team followed-up with a facilitated discussion about the results of these assessments. This is a great way to start dialogue regarding important topics that will improve work culture.

If you have any additional topics you would like to cover, contact Greg Danklef for a consultation.

    • Emotional intelligence is the ability to discern and manage your emotions and others. Studies show that only 36% of people are able to accurately identify their emotions as they happen. Higher emotional intelligence will improve relationships, social awareness, and self management.
    • Engagement surveys will measure how valued and involved employees are. It will determine dedication to the mission and outcome of the department. Discover what factors drive employees and what will diminish work and outcomes.
    • People think and act differently. These differences can be categorized into 16 different personalities. Understanding how you and others think can improve team dynamics, personal accomplishments, and a deeper understanding of yourself and those around you.
    • This assessment will measure your natural patterns of thinking, feeling, and behaving. After understanding your talents you will be able to develop skills to improve yourself and your environment. The goal is to become more engaged at work, more productive, happier, and healthier.
    • Research suggests that unconscious bias occurs automatically to interpret our surroundings. We associate attitudes and stereotypes to people without our conscious knowledge. Because of this, certain people benefit while others are penalized. Discuss what unconscious bias is, how it exists in your career and life, and precautions to take against it.
    • These evaluations receive feedback from subordinates, colleagues, supervisors, and self-evaluations. The purpose is to help individuals understand strengths and weaknesses and provide insight into their work and professional development.